Our history

Our History

Humble Beginnings

It all began with a step of Faith into the unknown. In the mid-year of 2017 the Lord spoke to Prophet Dr. Sampson Manasseh Asare to start a ministry. He had then resigned from His church having served in various capacities and risen to the position as a resident Pastor. He then obeyed the voice of God and moved in Faith in search of a place for the work of God. After searching for a period of months He then settled by the leadings of God at Lapaz-Fishpond. The finances for the venue was also not forth coming. But because God was involved God made a way. By November, 2017 the venue had been paid for a period of two years. Rev. Antwi Asante and Rev. Reuben Asare dedicated the venue for church service even though it was not in the best of place for church.

Built on sharing Christ

Despite the unknowns, Prophet Dr. Sampson Asare moved in faith, God make finances available for Him to get the venue rented for a period of Two years.

The space was not in a good shape for the work of God. Prophet Dr. Sampson in an agreement with the Land owner, decided to renovate the place for church so that the amount spent would be accounted into the years of rental.

As God would have it, the Land owner agreed to it. Prior so the building was pulled down and work began. All these whiles, God put on His heart to have a Sunday evenings prayer meeting dubbed “Prophetic Solutions”. Prophetic solutions received massive attendance and participation by various people. There were all sort of people coming to the service. People attend the service after they have come back from their various churches.

By July 1st 2018, we held the first Sunday morning church service. fifteen to twenty people attended.

As God would have it the church began to grow. Friends began to invite friends, families brought families, colleagues came along with colleagues. At its core, IWLC was founded and affecting the lives of people and the community.

By January 2022 , the congregation had grown to about 80 people. By early January 2022, a branch church was started in Pokuase Mayera.

Beautifying Lives

One of the core mandates of the church is to beautify the lives of people. Over the years of the church lives of people who joined the church who were doing nothing have had the opportunity to be put into trade and other businesses.

Community of Giving

The joy of IWLC is always being a blessing to the community. There are many people who walk into the church to seek for help and the church does not refuse them such help. In view of this we always make room available for such helps, since we don’t know when such needs may arise. Anytime we have a get together, we make provisions for the nearby community.

Community Impact

From the very beginning, IWLC was rooted in being a light for Jesus in our community. This has been expressed through clean-up exercises, medical screening and personal evangelism as well as showing compassion for our neighbours.

Every year IWLC engages in clean-up exercises in the community and also a medical screening for the people in the community and beyond.

This is the IWLC history in a nutshell. We beautify lives to Glorify Jesus.