At Thy Word

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At any given point in time, we are making decisions on what to do in our relationships, marriages, businesses, ministry and so on. We are torn between hearing the voice of God, the devil or self in these times. Our ability to hear andibey the voice of God assures us victory and exempts us from troubles others go through.

Source of the word of God

1. Spoken to you specifically
2. Studied and understood by yourself
3. Declared by a servant of God (Prophet)

At Thy Word involves;

1. Your total obedience to God
2. Our ability to acknowledge God as the source
3. Total surrender unto God
4. An act of faith
5. Our love for God

When we move according to the word of God;

1. We are exempted from troubles/challenges other people go through
2. We enjoy supernatural provision
3. We will be a source of supply for others
4. Our lives will be enviable
5. Our real destiny/ministry will be discovered
Simon Peter had toiled all night but had no catch, his obedience to the voice of Jesus yielded a great harvest of fish and a discovery of his ministry.
Ready to hear and obey the voice of God today?